SmarTone Solutions:月費$198 無限任用5G商用寬頻數據

SmarTone Solutions:月費$198 無限任用5G商用寬頻數據

SME Lab 會員專享優惠,以$198無限任用 SmarTone 5G 商用寬頻數據!


優惠日期:即日起至 2023 年 3 月 31 日

SmarTone Solutions:月費$198 無限任用5G商用寬頻數據


  • 優惠期至2023年3月31日。​
  • 此計劃包括500GB全速數據。根據FUP(公平使用政策),數據服務仍可繼續,但使用網絡之優先次序將相對較低,數據服務體驗或會受影響。客戶實際上網體驗會受不同因 素影響,如用戶與發射站的相對位置、網站伺服器資源及互聯網流量狀態、用戶數量、用戶所使用之裝置及其他因素而有所影響。
  • 優惠月費HK$198乃根據服務計劃原價月費$798,於合約期內每月扣除HK$600合約優惠計算得出。
  • 「全港覆蓋至廣」根據本公司於2021年7月19日進行之路測結果。路測途經全港18區,包括主要公路、幹線、行車隧道及行車天橋。結果顯示每區都有本公司之5G覆蓋。5G覆蓋定義為訊號接收強度不小於-95dBm。
  • 受有關條款及細則約束。詳情請參閱網上登記主頁。



Terms and conditions:

  • Promotion valid until 31 March 2023.​
  • The plan includes 500GB Full Speed. Under FUP (Fair Usage Policy), when monthly data usage reaches the plan’s data allowance, data service continues, but access to network resources will be given lower priority and data service experience may be affected. Internet experience can vary due to factors such as the relative position between user and the base stations, the download server resources, Internet traffic conditions, the number of users, users’ devices and other factors that may arise.
  • The special monthly fee of HK$198 is calculated based on the original monthly fee $798, after a rebate of HK$600 per month has been give to the customer
  • “The Widest Coverage in Hong Kong” is based on results obtained from SmarTone’s road test conducted on 19 Jul 2021. The route of the road test went through the 18 districts of Hong Kong, covering major roads including expressways, trunk roads, tunnels and bridges. The result shows that SmarTone’s 5G network has coverage in each of the districts. 5G coverage is defined as spot with received 5G radio signal level not weaker than -95dBm.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to subscription page for details.

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